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April 2015

1 & 2 Kings

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Study 1

Read 1 Kings 16:29 -1 Kings 17:24

What was the state of Israel and how did God provide for His people?


Study 2

Read 1 Kings 18

How was Elijah trained and made ready for the confrontation on Mt Carmel?


Study 3

Read 1 Kings 19:1-21

Read the account of vs 4 -18. In the light of Psalm 103:13-14, how did God comfort, teach and restore Elijah?


Study 4

Read 2 Kings 1-2

Contrast the end of King Ahaziah with Elijah. What was the difference between the two men (1 John 2:15 - 17, 5:4)?


Study 5

Read 2 Kings 3:1 - 4:7

Why was Moab attacked? What was Elisha's involvement?

Do you think that one person under God's spirit may make a difference?

What can we learn from the woman's response?


Study 6

Read 2 Kings 4:8 - 44

In what ways is the woman of Shunem an example to us?

What lessons may we draw from God allowing suffering of his people from Gehazi's failure?

What strengths are to be seen in Elisha's character? Which ones remind us of Christ?


Study 7

Read 2 Kings 5:1 -6;7

Describe the four characters mentioned here. What may we learn from each?


Study 8

Read 2 Kings 6:8 -7:20

Why was the young man fearful?

Why was the prophet not afraid?

Have we something to learn from Hebrews 11:27?

What do we learn from the four lepers in this account?


Study 9

Read 2 Kings 8 -9

There are two incidents taken from Elisha's ministry. There is a brief summary of two kings' reign. There is an account of the rule and revolution under Jehu.

In 2 Kings 8: 1 - 15, how does God's watchful care unfold?

Why do you think Elisha wept? (Lk 19:41 - 44 )


Study 10

Read 2 Kings 10

What did you learn from Jehu's aim, character and attitude to God?


Study 11

Read 2 Kings 11 - 12

There is a movement from the Northern Kingdom to the Southern Kingdom in these chapters.

What lessons do you gather from this section about a healthy spiritual life ?

What lessons do you gather from this section about a moral life in pleasing God?


Study 12

Read 2 Kings 13 - 14

In what ways do the four kings mentioned in chapter 14 fall short of what God required of them?


Study 13

Read 2 Kings 15 - 16

These 2 chapters cover a period of about 80 years.

Among the kings of Judah, how is Ahaz different from his father Jotham as well as his grandfather Azariah?

What foolishness did Ahaz show (compare with Ps 146:3 - 5, Isaiah 7:1 - 9)?

Are there any positive qualities found in any of the kings of the Northern Kingdom in these 2 chapters? ( compare with Hosea 7:7, 8:4, 13:11)


Study 14

Read 2 Kings 17

This chapter spells out the end of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. It mentions the causes of her downfall and its consequences.

Trace from vs 9 - 18 the deterioration in Israel's spiritual and moral condition. What may we learn from this (Colossians 3:5, Hebrews 12 : 25)?


Study 15

Read 2 Kings 18:1 - 19 :7

What was Hezekiah's attitude and conduct towards God found in verses 3 , 5 - 6?

Reflect on whether these qualities are found in each of us.

What actions of Hezekiah's demonstrated faith?

Comparing kings with kings, how did Hezekiah's actions point to Christ?


Study 16

Read 2 Kings 19:8 - 37

How did Sennacherib appear according to human judgment? How did he appear when seen through eyes of faith in the living God?

Today we have an enemy who stirs up the Sennacherib's of our world.

How should we be prepared (see Ephesians 6 :10 ff)?


Study 17

Read 2 Kings 20

Put yourself in the place of Hezekiah. What was his reaction to Isaiah's pronouncement that he was about to die?

What reasons did the Lord give for reversing his death sentence on Hezekiah?

What even greater hope do we have because of the son of David (John 6:37 - 44)?


Study 18

Read 2 Kings 21

What was the extent of Manasseh's idolatry and God's judgment?

How may this type of darkness in idolatrous behavior be ever addressed and reversed (John 1:1 - 13)?


Study 19

Read 2 Kings 22 - 23

List the reforms that Josiah did both to promote the true worship of God, as well as removing the false.

Even with all that effort, including a renewing of the covenant in chapter 23, how were the reforms of Josiah short lived (23: 31 - 37)?

How and through whom does the promise of a totally new covenant have a lasting and eternal effect (Jeremiah 31:31 - 33, Luke 22:14 - 20)?


Study 20

Read 2 Kings 24 -25

The reforms of Josiah lasted as long as he lived. How would you describe the reigns of the last 4 Kings after Josiah which led to the fall of Jerusalem ?

What do the last four verses show us that the Lord is more stubborn in His mercy than we are to sin. ?

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