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4pm English Service Sermons

on Sun, 11/02/2018 - 21:33

Series: 1 Peter    Scripture: 1 Peter 1 - 5

05/08/2018Finding Joy in Suffering1 Peter 1.1-12Jono Chongmp3
12/08/2018Renewed to be Righteous1 Peter 1.13-2.3Jono Chongmp3
19/08/2018 1 Peter 2.4-10Jono Chongmp3
26/08/2018 1 Peter 2.11-3.7Rev. Tom Wallmp3
02/09/2018 1 Peter 3.8-22Jono Chongmp3
09/09/2018 1 Peter 4.1-11Rev. Chris Chanmp3
16/09/2018 1 Peter 4.12-19Jono Chongmp3
23/09/18 1 Peter 5.1-14Jono Chongmp3


Series: Exodus    Scripture: Exodus 14-24

10/06/2018Red Sea RescueExodus 14Jono Chongmp3
17/06/2018Wilderness wonderingExodus 16Jono Chongmp3
24/06/2018The Lord is my BannerExodus 17Jono Chongmp3
01/07/2018Covenant RenewalExodus 19Jono Chongmp3
08/07/2018The Ten CommandmentsExodus 20Jono Chongmp3
15/07/2018Book of the CovenantExodus 21-23Rev. Chris Chanmp3
22/07/2018Feasting in God's presenceExodus 24Jono Chongmp3


Series: Topicals    Scripture: Miscellaneous

03/06/2018The Demands of DiscipleshipLuke 9.57-62Rev. Chris Chanmp3
05/05/2018Shameless and Audacious PrayerLuke 11.1-13Jono Chongmp3
11/05/2018The Power and Mystery of Prayer1 John 5.12-15Rev. Chris Chanmp3


Series: Redemption    Scripture: Ruth

08/04/2018Life In A Broken WorldRuth 1Jono Chongmp3
15/04/2018The Surprising Goodness of GodRuth 2Jono Chongmp3
22/04/2018An Unlikely Love StoryRuth 3Jono Chongmp3
29/04/2018A Return From EmptinessRuth 4Jono Chongmp3


Series: The Servant King    Scripture: Mark 9-16

11/02/2018The Glorious KingMark 9.2-29Jono Chongmp3
18/02/2018The Satisfying KingMark 10.17-31Jono Chongmp3
25/02/2018The Servant KingMark 10.32-45Jono Chongmp3
04/03/2018The Judging KingMark 11.1-25Jono Chongmp3
11/03/2018The Coming KingMark 11.27-12.12Rev. Chris Chanmp3
18/03/2018The Forgiving KingMark 14.12-26Jono Chongmp3
25/03/2018The Tempted KingMark 14.32-42Jono Chongmp3
01/04/2018The Risen KingMark 16.1-18Jono Chongmp3