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9am English Service Sermons 2013

on Tue, 14/01/2014 - 19:40

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29/12/2013 09:00How to Run the Race WellHeb12:1-3Mr. Derek Yump3 
22/12/2013 09:00Working for the End2Th3Rev. Ben Homp3 
15/12/2013 09:00The End is Nigh2Th2Rev. Ben Homp3 
08/12/2013 09:00WaitingLk2:21-49Rev. David Cookmp3 
01/12/2013 09:00NamingMt1:18-25Rev. David Cookmp3 
24/11/2013 09:00Jesus is Coming2Th1Rev. Ben Homp3 
17/11/2013 09:00Living for the End1Th5:1-26Rev. David Tsaimp3 
10/11/2013 09:00Raised to Life1Th4:13-5:11Rev. David Tsaimp3 
03/11/2013 09:00Living to Please God1Th4:1-12Rev. David Tsaimp3 
27/10/2013 09:00Unblameable At the Coming of Jesus1Th3:1-13Rev. David Tsaimp3 
20/10/2012 09:00A Motherly and Fatherly Love1Th2:1-16Rev. David Tsaimp3 
13/10/2012 09:00Faith, Hope and Love1Th1:1-10Rev. David Tsaimp3 
29/09/2013 09:00Living through the StormAc27:39-28:16,30-31Rev. David Tsaimp3 
22/09/2013 09:00Trail Upon TrialAc24:1-21Rev. David Cookmp3 
15/09/2013 09:00A Model MinistryAc20:17-38Rev. David Cookmp3 
08/09/2013 09:00AthensAc17:16-34Rev. David Cookmp3 
01/09/2013 09:00The Five City TourAc17:1-15Rev. David Cookmp3 
25/08/2013 09:00Things Which Go Without SayingAc15:1-21Rev. David Cook  
18/08/2013 09:00Paul's First Missionary Journey Rev. David Tsaimp3 
11/08/2013 09:00Journeying with Depression Rev. John Tingmp3 
04/08/2013 09:00The Hidden Hand at Work Rev. David Tsaimp3 
28/07/2013 09:00God's Expansive Purposes Rev. David Cookmp3 
21/07/2013 09:00A Conversation that Changes World History Elder Andrew Lump3 
14/07/2013 09:00The story of one: Expansion to Samaria Rev. David Cook  
07/07/2013 09:00Adoption Rev. David Cookmp3 
30/06/2013 09:00Justification Rev. David Cook  
23/06/2013 09:00Redemption Rev. David Cookmp3 
16/06/2013 09:00Inspiration Rev. David Cookmp3 
09/06/2013 09:00Two approaches to reality Rev. David Cookmp3 
02/06/2013 09:00Project Reality Rev. David Cookmp3 
26/05/2013 10:00120th Anniversary Service - The Trust That God Demands Rev. David Tsaimp3 
19/05/2013 09:00The Walk of TRUE Faith Rev. David Tsaimp3 
05/05/2013 09:00Trust in the Lord with all your heart Rev. David Tsaimp3 
28/04/2013 09:00What is life all about? Rev. David Cookmp3 
21/04/2013 09:00The Wisdom of God Rev. David Tsaimp3 
14/04/2013 09:00Harmony with Reality Rev. David Cookmp3 
07/04/2013 09:00Who is the Fool Rev. David Tsaimp3 
31/03/2013 09:00The Servant Overcomes Our Enemies Rev. David Tsaimp3 
24/03/2013 09:00God's Servant Suffering Rev. David Cookmp3 
17/03/2013 09:00Washing Feet Rev. David Cookmp3 
10/03/2013 09:00Telling Lies to God Rev. David Tsaimp3 
03/03/2013 09:00So the Word of God Spread Rev. David Cookmp3 
24/02/2013 09:00The Word Advances Ben Homp3 
17/02/2013 09:00It's all about Jesus Rev. David Cookmp3 
10/02/2013 09:00How to Be Fully and Forever Equipped Rev. David Cookmp3 
03/02/2013 09:00Will things be different. Yes and No. Rev. David Cookmp3 
27/01/2013 09:00A Great Tonic Rev. David Cookmp3 
20/01/2013 09:00Sex, Violence, Power, Politics, Religion - and God's Silence (PGR) - Genesis 34 Elder Andrew Lump3 
13/01/2013 09:00Hope for the Despairing - Hagar's Story Elder Andrew Lump3 
06/01/2013 09:00To Be One as the Father and Son are One Rev. David Tsaimp3 


Year: Current 2019 2012017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012