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Cantonese Pastor For Students

Pastor Dorothy Choi

CPC is a multi-lingual, multi-generation Chinese church located in Surry Hills Sydney, with a well-established Chinese student ministry. CPC vision is to be a disciple making church. Given CPC’s proximity to three universities (University of Technology Sydney, University of Sydney and University of New South Wales), we have a long history of active involvement in both Cantonese- and Mandarin-speaking student ministry. At its peak some years ago, the Cantonese Student Fellowship had well over 100 members. Due to the recent changes in Hong Kong, an increasing number of both high school and university students in Sydney is expected, and CPC has created a new position to care for these students and to further develop this ministry. More information about our church can be found on our website:

We are seeking a Cantonese-speaking pastor to lead and develop our student ministry at CPC as well as to support student ministry at universities or colleges nearby. The position is part of a ministry team under the supervision and guidance of the Moderator, Session and the Cantonese Ministry Committee. It is a full-time contractual position.

The responsibility of this position covers two main areas: student ministry at CPC and also at universities and/or special colleges or programs as a pathway for university entrances (e.g. Taylors College and Foundation Studies). The approximate time-share is roughly 70% and 30% respectively (subject to change). Additionally other general duties as a member of the Pastoral Team, as directed by the Moderator.

Description of Responsibilities

The scope of this position consists of two areas:

1. Responsible for the Students Ministry within the Cantonese congregation of CPC. “Students” in this context is understood as covering those in high school to university/tertiary education, and may include other youths within that general age group. As students progress to become young workers and then to building careers and/or families, they have to adapt to different life stages and meet the varying challenges. The incumbent should have the flexibility, together with other Cantonese pastors, to extend pastor care to members under his/her care beyond the student stage.

2. Campus outreach. The incumbent works as a part-time missionary on campus. This may involve working alongside of and supporting existing Christian organisations in the campuses in close proximity to CPC.

The role involves:

• Providing care and leadership for the students through relationship, care, outreach program and administrative support as required.

• To have input into and to implement events and programs to reach the students with the goal of discipling them in the gospel.

• Provide gospel-centric teaching in CPC together with other pastors, including pulpit preaching as required.

• Build programs that support integrating Christian theology into the life of the students.

• Work together with the Pastoral Team to provide spiritual leadership for the whole church and develop greater unity within CPC and other duties or ministry, eg young workers as directed by the Moderator.

Essential Qualifications

a. Theological training to Diploma level or above (either completed or in progress).

b. Excellent Christian character, servant heart, commitment to ministry

c. Passion and gifts for pastoring students

d. Relevant experience in student ministry

e. Ability to minister to young workers.

f. Initiatives and ability to develop ministries

g. Strong gift of teaching, pastoring and mentoring

h. In depth understanding of the contemporary culture and mindset of Hong Kong students

i. Ability to work well in a team ministry

j. Acceptance of Reformed theology and Presbyterian polity

Desirable Qualifications

a. Equivalence of two year’s church ministry experience for students or greater

b. Student ministry experience in tertiary education setting

c. Experience in ministering to young workers.

d. Ability to relate and communicate with CPC members from different cultural backgrounds

e. Understanding of Australian culture

f. Able to commence ministry promptly (for oversea applicants)


Pastor Dorothy Choi, (M): 0414 672 188 or Elder Jason Lo, (M): 0403 388 387 for further details. If interested in applying, please email to that effect and attach a brief CV.

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