Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

129th Chinese Presbyterian Church Anniversary Service


Church anniversary combined worship service will be held on 29/5 at 10:00am

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros
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Church Anniversary combined worship service will be held on 29/5 at 10:00am. There will only be one worship service that day. Let us worship and give thanks to our Lord together as one spiritual family, affirming our unity in diversity. There will be anniversary lunch afterwards.  Please register FOR SERVICE ATTENDANCE AND/OR LUNCH by 24/5. Registration for service attendance will help us to determine whether we need to stream the service to the Worship Centre if the number attending is too big for the auditorium.

教會週年堂慶聯合崇拜 將於29/5上午10:00舉行。這將是那天唯一的崇拜。讓我們作為一個屬靈大家庭一起敬拜和感謝我們的主,確認我們在多元化中的合一。之後會有堂慶午餐,請在24/5或之前報名參加崇拜及訂午餐。此次需報名參加崇拜是讓教會預知出席人數,並決定是否需同時使用敬拜中心以容納所有人。