Notice on Coronavirus
Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
Photo by Linda Truong Studios



CPC's tower as visible from Albion Street

worship with us online or in person


Most of our congregations are worshipping on-site and via online live streaming. Registration is required each week, if you plan to attend in person, to ensure we are in line with government restrictions on the number of people allowed to gather.


onsite english worship services

Register through the forms below. The link is the same each week so you can save it on your computer or smart phone.

Registrations close on Friday at 8pm so that a confirmation email can be returned to you on Saturday. Please complete one form for your whole family including yourself.



  • date of service
    Sunday May 16th 2021
    9:00 am
  • 登記結束時間
    Saturday 15th May 2021, 12noon
  • Need help?
    Bucky Peng Zou
  • Link to live stream

Attending Physical Sunday Service Guidelines

Please be reminded of the following :

Arrive early (at least 20 minutes before the service) via Crown Street entrance for registration, please be on time for the service

Bring along

  • Face mask (strongly recommended during the service and within church premises)
  • Bible
  • Digital bulletin
  • Pen
  • Water bottle (for personal hygiene reasons, the provision of drinking water is suspended temporarily).

On your arrival

  • Enter via the stair entrance at Crown Street and line up at the entry of the auditorium
  • Maintain physical distancing  (at least 1.5m)
  • Prepare for temperature check (below 37.5C), wear face mask and use hand sanitiser
  • Please use the State Government Service NSW application to scan the QR code of the church to ensure that the information of the attendees can be provided to the State Government soon. The application can be used to register for family members or people in need. Please download the Service NSW app in advance.

You will be asked the following questions before entering the auditorium:        

  1. In the past 48 hours, has any of the attendees experienced any sore throat/ cold/cough/ flu-like symptoms?
  2. In the past 14 days, has any of attendees been in close contact with any positive cases of Covid-19, and/or have been in close contact with a person who has recently arrived in Australia in the past 14 days, and/or has been to any of the “hotspots” identified by NSW Health? Check the latest COVID-19 case locations and alerts in NSW.

In the auditorium

  • You may use disposable wipes for cleaning the pew and surrounding area before taking a seat
  • Sit according to the label on the pew, noting that those who are from the same household can sit together along the same pew
  • Quietly prepare yourself for worship

After the service

  • Help to clean up and place your offering into the collection box then exit the auditorium according to instructions
  • Maintain social distance from others when mingling
  • Exit through the Albion Street driveway
  • If anyone needs to have lunch at church, please follow the restriction for the room and keep the social distance
  • Please use the provided disinfectant wipes to clean the used object(s) and table(s)


《出席實體崇拜須知》請注意:為確保出席者的資料能盡快提供給州政府,請使用州政府Service NSW應用程式掃描教會的二維碼。該應用程式可以代家屬或有需要人的登記。請預先下載Service NSW的應用程式


  • 因登記需時,請提早20分鐘前由皇冠街(Crown Street)的入口進入教會,請準時參加崇拜


  • 口罩(強烈建議在教會範圍內,以及在祟拜中帶上)
  • 聖經、電子版週刊、筆、水樽(因衛生的原因,教會暫時不會提供)


  • 請由皇冠街(Crown Street)的入口進入教會,並在正堂門前排隊等候進入
  • 遵守適當的社交距離(最少保持 1.5 米)
  • 接受安全檢查,並須通過:
  • 體溫檢測(在攝氏 37.5 度以下)、自備及配戴口罩、使用酒精搓手液
  • 請駛用州政府Service NSW應用程式掃描教會的二維碼。該應用程式可以代家屬或有需要人的登記。


  1. ~在過去48小時內,任何一位出席者是否有傷風、咳嗽或疑似流感之病徵?
  2. ~在過去14 天: 任何一位出席者有否與確診新冠病毒者接觸,及/或曾與14天內抵達澳洲之人士有緊密接




  • 就坐前,請按需要使用普通的濕紙巾清潔你的座位及週遭範圍。
  • 請按座位的標記就坐,家人和合住的人可以同坐一行。
  • 請在自己座位安靜,準備心靈一起崇拜。


  • 請協助清潔和消毒,將奉獻自行放入奉獻箱,並遵從指引離開正堂
  • 請在簡短分享時、通道上、使用洗手間時,保持社交距離
  • 請由Albion Street的出口離開教會
  • 如有需要在教會用餐,請按每間房的人數限制,在保持社交距離下、每檯最多幾個人來用餐。
  • 用教會提供的濕紙巾清潔使用的物件和平面,例如檯面。