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Welcome to CPC

Welcome to CPC!

Whether you are looking for a spiritual home, transiting through Sydney or just visiting, we sincerely welcome you. I hope that you will find your time with us meaningful and encouraging.

We invite you to join our ONLINE WORSHIP Services streamed via You Tube as we contend with COVID-19. 

Here is the Order of Service for this week.

Here is the link to this week's English Service, Cantonese Service and Mandarin Service.

The Chinese Presbyterian Church (CPC) is the most historic Chinese church in Sydney, founded in 1893 through Australian missionaries reaching out to the Chinese migrants who were predominantly gold miners. Today, CPC is a multi-cultural, multi-generational church that delights in sharing Christ’s gospel with all and sundry.

Our name reflects certain characteristics of our church:

Chinese:    This descriptor reflects the fact that the congregation has been largely ethnic Chinese. However, there is a large cultural diversity within the congregation, ranging from third generation Australians to new migrants. English is used as frequently as Chinese in the church, and is, in fact, the common language. We wholeheartedly welcome people of all ethnic backgrounds to join us.

Presbyterian:        Our church belongs to the Presbyterian denomination, which was originally formed in Scotland. The distinctiveness of the Presbyterians lies in our form of church government, as well as our strong emphasis on the Bible being the Word of God and our primary standard for living. We subscribe to Reformed doctrine, and we freely extend fellowship to evangelical Christians of all denominations.

Church:        We are not just a collection of individual or family units participating in some regular activities. We are a community of Christ, and a spiritual family committed to each other, jointly partaking of the Great Commission given by Christ.

Being a city church, many of our regular activities are on Sundays, conducted in various languages and tailored for different age groups. There are also some weekday activities conducted in various areas around Sydney. You will find the relevant information about these activities on this website. I hope that you will find some that are suitable for you.

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you in person in the near future.

Chris Chan (Senior Minister)