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Applying to become a "Partner Church" of Christ College


Partner Church of Christ College

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CPC would like to contribute towards the training of Presbyterian ministers in partnership with Christ College, particularly for those seeking practical experience in ministry to the Chinese in a multi-cultural context. There is a need for this in our members with that aspiration. The application will require a significant number of our members to participate in a church health survey to demonstrate that we are a healthy church. Some of you have done a similar survey in recent years. You are invited to participate in this survey, which started last week and continues today.

雪梨華人長老教會希望與基督學院合作,對培訓長老宗牧師有所貢獻,特別為有意在多元文化的環境下承擔華人事工的神學生們提供實習機會。我們的會友中也有這需要。該項申請所需之一是我們本教會要有相當多的成員參與一個「教會健康調查」,以證明我們是一個健康的教會。近年來,我們當中有一些人也做過類似的調查。我們邀請大家參加這次調查。該調查於上周開始, 今日繼續舉行。

You can take the survey online or using hard copies, with or without Chinese translation. 您可以在線或使用打印紙本表格填寫調查,後者附有中文翻譯的版本。

For online survey, please use the following link:

若於在線參與調查, 請使用以下連結:

For a hardcopy, please pick up a blank form at the entrances to the worship venue or from an usher. Please return your hardcopy responses into the collection box, to an elder or the church office.

如使用打印紙本表格,請在禮堂入口處或向司事領取填寫表格。 請將您的填寫調查表交回教會;您可投入「調查表收集箱」,或交給長老或教會辦公室。