Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Chinese Presbyterian Church Chinese School - Enrolment

雪梨華人長老會中文學校 - 報名

Enrolment for 2023 招生

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教學宗旨:本校除教授課本知識外, 同時注重培養學生修身、自愛,亦兼愛他人及關心社會的德性。






上課時間:逢星期日下午一時三十分至四時(1.30pm - 4pm)


Principle:  In addition to our normal teaching, we teach and nurture our students to have good behaviour, show respect and care for others, so as to be conscientious members of the community.

Teacher:  Our teachers are fully certified and have many years of teaching experience. They have completed the training courses and seminars required by NSW State Education Department. They are dedicated, diligent and caring.

Class: We provide Mandarin and Cantonese classes ranging from Kindergarten, Primary to Junior High School. We apply listening, speaking, reading and writing methodologies. Students will be given opportunities to learn about Chinese history and culture. We teach both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. Cantonese classes commence learning conversational Mandarin from Year 3 onwards.

Venue:  Chinese Presbyterian Church Surry Hills and Crown Street Public School.

Time:     Sunday    1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Commencement:   5th February 2023