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Exponential: Multiplying Disciples - IDMC Conference

CPC invites you to watch the IDMC conference together! 

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CPC invites you to watch the IDMC conference together! 

Get a group of people together to learn how we can be better disciples and disciple builders within our church. We will be looking to get practical feedback from each group on how we, as a church, can get better at building people to become better followers of the Great Commission.

How to participate:

1. Register yourself

Register yourself (individually) on the IDMC website (it's free).

2. Register your group

Tell us if you are watching the conference with a group.
Only one person from your group needs to register

Register your group here.

About IDMC conference:

Exponential is all about multiplying authentic disciples in your church and ministries. Over four sessions in two days on our online conference, Rev Paul Jeyachandran will explore how to create intentional discipleship environments and how to empower a disciplemaking culture and movement in your family, small group, next generation ministries and church-wide. Let us learn together the best practices and principles on what it takes to move your church towards intentional disciplemaking—resulting in the deepening of lives, strengthening of families and multiplication of authentic disciplemakers.