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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 6th November 2022

Dorothy Choi

What do our managers and elders at the Committee of Management (COM) do and discuss regularly? The online COM meeting last Friday would be a good guide. I would like to share with you a few areas covered in the last meeting. Some tasks are similar to what we handle at our home but on a larger scale.

Firstly, there is the issue of property. Due to the age of our church buildings and the limitation of antiquated design features eg the drainage system, constant repairs are required. The maintenance of our properties and minimising its impact on the congregation are ongoing matters. This is similar to fixing leakages and arranging repairs for our home.

Secondly, the first stage of the AV upgrade project has been completed. There are two new big roll-up screens in the auditorium. Managers are working with tradesmen to get the remaining equipment, cables and a sound desk installed.

We also discussed the improvements to the new interpretation system. It did not work well at the church camp when there were more than 20 users. The IT team will rectify the issues before it is deployed for the Christmas Service.

These two projects are like installing a new alarm system or AV system at our home.

Fourthly, COM has approved the budget for the 130th Church Anniversary Service. The Service will be held on the afternoon of May 28th next year at an external location, and preparation is underway. This celebration is like organising a family party, only on a bigger scale.

These are some of the highlights from the COM meeting and how they are very similar in nature to what we manage at our own home. Members of COM are working diligently to look after the infrastructure of our church family in order that we may worship God, meet together and grow in the Lord in a comfortable environment.

Please pray for the members and the work of the COM. More volunteers and helpers are needed to be a part of COM or to assist them. If you are looking after the upkeep of your own home, you already have some experience in taking care of our church’s infrastructure. Please feel free to talk to a COM member if you would like to help out in anyway.

執事和長老們在執理會(COM)的會議上常常討論並執行什麼呢?上週五的網上COM 的會議可以讓我們稍作了解:我會從幾個方面的工作和大家分享。這些工作與我們管理家庭事務其實很像,只是規模更大一些。





第四,執理會已經通過了教會 130 週年紀念崇拜的預算。週年慶祝的崇拜將於明年5 月 28 日下午在教會以外的地點舉行,而準備工作已正進行中。這個慶祝就像安排一個家庭聚會,只是它的規模將會更大。



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