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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 12th December 2021

Pastor Steaven Cheung

Progress of Next-Gen within CPC

Hard to believe, but it’s been 11 months since I’ve joined the CPC community. Although it hasn’t even been a year, I’m grateful to God for the community Xin Yu and I have experienced, the friendships that have been formed throughout the year and also the progress within the Next-Gen ministry.  

We’ve come a long way since January of 2021. When I first arrived, our Next-Gen space was facing some significant challenges. We had gone through a season where our young adults and young families were finding it challenging to engage with our community, whether through Ignite Small Groups or Service. This meant that some were choosing to leave, while others faced the discouragement of seeing others disengage; resulting in a Next-Gen space that wasn’t capable of bringing challenge and renewal into the culture of CPC. Our evening service was a service of only 12, despite faithfulness of the members within it. As with many Asian churches, the theology and application of transition to and empowerment of the next generation was not well articulated.  

The goal of myself and the Evening Service Committee and CYA leaders was not just to shift the structures of our ministry, but to transform the culture of our Next-Gen into one which focused on the flourishing and engagement of our inner lives in Christ, and also to create spaces where our young people can explore their voices  and spiritual identity. As of the end of 2021, our Evening service has a regular attendance of 40 young adults and young families, with a vibrant community. Around half of them are from Ignite or outside the church, without direct ties to families within CPC. I would like to thank all of you who have been praying for us and supporting us. I believe that as we keep following God, there will be many more spiritual wins ahead. I hope the progress of the Next-Gen is as encouraging to you as it has been to me, a reminder of God’s life and faithfulness within our church.





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