Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 13th August 2023

Pastor Dorothy Choi

Apart from sightseeing, listening to the sermons of the Hong Kong Bible Conference has been a highlight of my holiday. The Hong Kong Bible Conference was a 10-day conference with 3 speakers each delivering one sermon on most days. Thanks to changes in recent years including Covid, Christians around the world can attend the conference online individually and one speaker is English speaking.

The speaker of the morning session, Rev. Bryan Chapell is from the Presbyterian Church in America. During one of his sermons, Rev Chapell shared on the familiar parable of the workers in the Vineyard in Matthew 20:1-16. The parable is about workers who started work early in a vineyard grumbling against the landowner who gave them the same pay as the late starters. But the economics of the kingdom of heaven is different from the economics of this world. Jesus used the teaching of this parable to answer Peter’s query in Matthew 19:27 where he asked about the reward of leaving everything behind to follow Jesus.

Rev Chapell reminded me that no matter how significant we see our labor in the Lord, others’ works are as valuable and acceptable as ours for God. One reason is because we are only creatures and our best accomplishment is not as perfect as we think.

What are some of the best ministries which we have done for the Lord at our home, at our work or in our personal worship to God? If we reflect on them, those would still be tinted with mixed motives, tensions, fragile relationships with others, disappointments, or sins. It is just like the nice villages I visited during my holiday in Normandy, France. The villages looked pleasant and peaceful but they were under the occupation of the enemy during World War II. There are memories and scars of suffering and cruelty.

Knowing our best accomplishment and ministry still falls short of God’s glory drives us back to God’s mercy. It is by Jesus’s accomplished merit that we give our best to our master. Let’s encourage each other to soldier on, brothers and sisters, as we love and serve our God with all our hearts and minds by the enablement of the Holy Spirit.

今次我的假間除了觀光以外,最精彩是收看港九培靈研經會的講道。十天的港九培靈研經會 由三位講者主講,每個講員大致是一天分享一堂。感謝近年來的變更、包括新冠的原因而使全世界的信徒亦能個人在網上參與,並且其中一位講員是講英語的。





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