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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 15th October 2023

Pastor Dorothy Choi

The images of violence from the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict, from both sides, no doubt give us a sense of disbelief, helplessness and deep sympathy for victims and their families. What is the way out?

We just finished learning from the book of Romans that God’s will is not only to save Jews, who are God’s covenantal people, but also Gentiles who receive mercy due to the Jews’ disobedience. The hope in the gospel which proclaims that Christ accepts both Jews and Gentiles is the basis for believers who are so different culturally, socially, economically and technologically, to accept one another in Christ.

Sadly, that is not the case we observe with the long history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This time, there is no mention of peace from either side and the recent conflict may escalate to a prolonged war. We see that two groups of people with fundamental ideological differences, both experiencing fear, despair, anger and hatred, are now at each other’s throat. There is no peaceful solution or the chance of reconciliation in sight. What hope is there in the current situation?

Paul reminds us of an aspect of hope in Romans 4:18 “Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed”. Abraham believed God even when circumstances did not allow for it or when everyone felt hopeless. God responds since He is the God of Hope.

Let’s pray for the people in the conflict as well as those of us who feel helpless or see little hope in our own challenging circumstance.

Dear Lord, we would like to pray for hope and strength for Christians living in the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Dear Lord, we pray for comfort and healing for all who are suffering and living in fear in the conflict.

Dear Lord, we pray for peace and the hope in the gospel for both sides, their political leaders, soldiers, support workers and citizens.

Dear Lord, we pray for hope and reconciliation for those of us who are struggling in our own challenges and conflicts. Amen.




保羅在羅馬書4:18中提醒我們,盼望的另一個原素是:“他在無可指望的時候,因信仍有指望” 亞伯拉罕在情況不許可或所有人都覺得無望時,仍然相信神。當所有的燈都熄滅時,神回應,因為祂是盼望之神。






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