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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 18th February 2024

Pastor Arthur Leung

The latest sermon series will be on the Book of Exodus, from chapter 20 onwards. It is one of the pivotal books in the Bible, and also one that we can learn a lot from.

Chapters 20 to 24 record the process and content of God’s covenant with Israel. The Ten Commandments in Chapter 20 sets out the fundamental laws between God and man. They must fear God and respect other people. God commanded them to obey God’s will in their daily lives, witness God’s holiness, and enjoy God’s presence and blessings.

It is a reminder for us to be fair and righteous, not to exploit or oppress others, especially those who are weaker or disadvantaged. We must be compassionate and gentle, help those in need, demonstrating God’s love and grace. We must be faithful and keep our promises, not commit adultery nor do unclean things, respect our own and other’s bodies and marriage, and maintain purity and holiness. We should observe the Sabbath, remember God’s creation and redemption, be thankful for God’s grace, rest our body, mind and spirit, and maintain a healthy rhythm and balance in our work and life.  

Moses told the Israelites what God had said, and they were willing to obey them. Using the blood of a lamb as evidence of the covenant, showing that a relationship between God and man requires the redemption of blood. God let Moses and a few elders go up the mountain, see God’s glory and eat and drink with God, demonstrating how close God and man are, and that God wants to be with man. All these pointed towards our Lord Jesus’s crucifixion and the meaning of the Holy Communion. It reminds us that God’s relationship with us is the covenant through Christ’s blood. When we trust in Christ, we can enter the kingdom of heaven and enjoy a feast with God. Thanks to God’s great love and grace, and all because of Him, we can enjoy being in God’s presence eternally.





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