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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 19th May 2024

Pastor Dorothy Choi

In the face of life's challenging moments, we often find ourselves grappling with profound questions of existence and purpose. Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” It reminds us to reflect on the fleeting nature of our days, urging us to seek wisdom in how we use our time.

My own journey with my father's illness has been such a case. When he was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer in January this year, I was away on a short-term mission trip, he had to grapple with the complexity of suffering and helplessness. Witnessing his rapid decline has not been easy, from the initial half-body paralysis to struggles with basic functions like swallowing, each stage a painful reminder of the fragility of life.

Yet, amid the darkness, there have been glimmers of light. God answered his prayer request which he asked me to pray for, and he was able to witness the World Cup in 2022. He was fit enough to attend the weddings of two grandchildren last year, one of which was overseas. God also answered my prayer. Despite my father’s lifelong scepticism, he requested to trust in the same faith that has sustained me. In his moments of vulnerability, he turned to the God he doubted before.

Navigating his care options has been fraught with difficult decisions, from choosing nursing homes to providing puree when he was unable to swallow, and deciding on end-of-life treatments. But in moments of uncertainty, God's provision has been evident. We were blessed with different options for his care, including the availability of two Chinese nursing homes providing compassionate support. Additionally, we received timely medical advice, and the transition from the nursing home to the hospital for palliative care was unexpectedly smooth.

Through this journey, I have come to understand that even in our helplessness, there is the potential for spiritual transformation. I am reminded of the importance of cherishing each moment we have. May we all be inspired to heed the wisdom of Psalm 90:12, embracing each day as a precious gift, and seeking wisdom in how we live our lives.

當面對生命中的困難時,我們時常會沉思於存在與意義的深層問題。詩篇90:12 說:“求你指教我們怎樣數算自己的日子,好叫我們得著智慧的心。” 這提醒我們思考日子將匆匆流逝,讓我們在時間的運用上尋求智慧。





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