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Pastoral Letter 20th November 2022

Rev. Christopher Chan

Discipleship in CPC Families

Family units, including immediate families and extended families, make up a big part of the church community.

This is particularly so for CPC. The spiritual health of our families is, therefore, vital to the spiritual health of

our community, and vice versa. Families are integral to the Lord’s creating purpose. It was He who instituted

marriage and give us offspring. He even puts His relationship with His people in the context of a family (2Cor

6:18; Eph 5:25-27). Christian families are formed in His name (Eph 3:14-15), and there are numerous

passages in the Bible teaching us about how family members should interact with one another. Discipleship

(learning and living faithfully according to the Lord’s design and commands) for the family is essential for

enjoying the blessings that the Lord bestows on our families and glorifying Him through them. In fact,

neglecting that will bring great pain and brokenness.

Over recent decades, family values in society have suffered enormous demise with lifestyle changes to

accommodate materialism, urbanisation and globalisation. We can see this clearly here in Sydney. The

lifestyle of a typical young family is hectic. Due to the high cost of housing and living, typically, both parents

have to hold full-time jobs and young children go to childcare. Most jobs are demanding now, frequently

covering what was the work of 2-3 people previously. Working extended hours and/or taking work home has

become the norm. After a gruelling day at work comes the dash to pick up children, prepare meals, help

children with homework, feed them, settle them for bed and then the tidying up and preparation for the next

day of work. In that exhausting lifestyle, there is no room for in-depth and meaningful communication between

husband and wife, and between parents and children. Increasingly, this is seen as normal and acceptable.

Over time, family relationships are weakened to the extent that they cannot endure the conflicts and hardships

of life, which would further erode those bonds. Frequently, by the time it is realised that there are serious

problems, it is already too late to salvage the relationship(s). Unfortunately, many Christians have not been

able to escape this societal trend, and they find the relevant biblical teachings too idealistic and impractical.

Statistics show that marriage failures, broken families and practical fatherlessness are not much better in the

Christian community compared to society at large.

To live biblically as individuals and family units requires our commitment to discipleship. The Lord has given

us a community in Christ to encourage, remind, exhort, support and journey with each other to do so. I pray

that the Lord will enable CPC to start a family ministry to build a biblical culture in our community of valuing

the great importance of biblical family relationships. In 2023, I would like to see us progress this aspect of

“preventative pastoral care” for families at three levels:

1. Biblical teaching from and off the pulpit. There will be a “Family Month” to help raise awareness.

2. Seminars & workshops to teach practical skills and practices that enrich family life.

3. Formation of support groups to journey together in building stronger biblical families.

Please prayerfully consider participating in this new ministry, to avail yourself of the support of Christ’s

community in this very important aspect of our lives, and/or to help to bring this ministry to fruition

CPC 的家庭作主門徒

家庭單位、包括直系家庭和原生家庭構成教會群體的大部分。對於CPC來說,尤其如此。因此,我們家庭的屬靈健康對我們教會的屬靈健康至關重要,反之亦然。家庭是主創造之重要設計。是神建立婚姻的,也是祂賜給我們後代。祂甚至把祂與子民的關係以家庭關係來表達(林後6:18; 弗5:25-27)。基督徒家庭是奉祂的名建立的(弗3:14-15)。聖經中有許多經文教導我們家庭成員應該如何彼此相交。以家庭單位作主門徒(按照主的設計和命令忠心地學習和生活)對於享受主賜給家庭的祝福並通過他們榮耀主是至關重要的。事實上,忽視這一點會帶來巨大的痛苦和生命的破碎。



1.   講壇上下的聖經教導。將有一個「家庭月」來提高弟兄姊妹對家庭的意識。

2.   講座及工作坊分享增進家庭生活的實用技巧和方式。

3.   成立支援小組,共同建立基督化家庭。


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