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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 22nd January 2023

Pastor Steaven Cheung

Letting Go of Our Past Season

‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!’  2 Cor 5:17

During the season when Xin Yu and I were preparing to be married, one of my mentors gave me a piece of wisdom which not only impacted how I viewed my marriage but I’ve carried with me into many other areas of life. The advice was that ‘grief comes before every gain’. The meaning was that before we are able to step into a season of hope and renewal it was important to take stock of what we were stepping away from.

In marriage if we were to step into building a family of our own, we must also learn to take steps away from our own family. The history, the rhythms and even the rent-free living(!!). If we are too attached to our prior life, then we lose the potential to embrace our own life.

I found that piece of wisdom applicable not just to marriage but to many areas of spiritual growth and sanctification as well. Disciples must learn to let go of our prior season of life so that we may flourish in our new season as a disciple of Christ. We must learn to let go of our pride, our sinful habits perhaps even our prior self-centred ambitions. It may seem painful at the time; it is necessary for our new life to flourish unhindered by the old.

This year, are there any parts of your old season that may be hindering God’s work in you for the coming one? Are there any past hurts? Disruptive habits? Dysfunctional relationships or even blessings that you may need to let go of for God’s purpose?

Let’s be encouraged to take stock of our life. To chase after God no matter what season is before us. To grow deeper in love and devotion to Him.








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