Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
Photo by Albert Chiu



The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.


Warren Lowe

Carrying the Cross must mean something to all of us as followers of Christ, as disciples. There is nothing more confronting yet joyful than being able to do this each and every day regardless of circumstance and situation. Eldership carries with it a view of the congregation and an accountability to God in this respect.

These were the prayerful reflections over 3 years ago when taking on the role of Eldership at CPC. I expected nothing less than an unknown journey that will have its challenges but one thing was certain was that I would be guided by the Holy Spirit and I would be able to grow in faith and conviction. Although I have read Acts (of the Holy Spirit) many times, my faith journey is changing, and God’s word becomes richer and more meaningful reading this again.

Eldership is very much characterised by the 6 Cs; Confession, Character, Competence, Conviction, Calling, and Circumstance.

It is very much a God-lead journey where you are constantly reminded of how to Love, Empower, Architect and Develop (L.E.A.D). Surrounded by many purposeful brothers and sisters in Christ, all wanting to see God being glorified in their season of Eldership, demonstrating God’s Will in action at a personal level, drawing across the 6 Cs in various ways.

I can see where things do not appear to be going well but I see so much conviction and trust in the Lord, we can still humbly walk together by being true to our relationship with God and in Christ.

I am thankful for whatever gifts we have that we can share and how we live this out in our lives and with our congregation. As an Elder, God reminds us to act faithfully and with courage to the extent we can and to the capacity we can. There are some things that appear to be done well and somethings that are not, but I am reminded by Colossians 3:23. Whatever You do, Work at it with All Your Heart, as Working for The Lord, not for Men.

I am hopeful to continue to learn more, to share more so as to be a worthy Shepherd (under Shepherd), Servant, and Steward for our Father in the name of Christ our Lord and Saviour.

身為基督的跟隨者、即門徒,背負十字架對我們來說都必須有生活上的實踐。 無論環境和情況如何,沒有什麼比每天都能這樣做更具挑戰性,卻又更有喜樂的。長老的職份在這方面更帶着以會眾為焦點和向神交帳的責任。

這些是三年多前當我接受CPC長老職份時在祈禱中的反思。我期待著一段未知的旅程,充滿著挑戰,但有一點是肯定的,就是我會得到聖靈的引導,並我將能夠在信心和信念上成長。 雖然我讀了使徒行傳很多次(也稱為聖靈行傳),但我的信仰之旅不斷有所改變,所以再次閱讀這卷神的話時也覺更豐富、更有意義。

長老職份的特徵可用英文 6 個以 C字母開始的字綜合: 認信、品格、勝任、信念、呼召和環境。這在很大程度上是神引領的旅程,不斷提醒我如何去愛、賦予力量、建構和發展(L.E.A.D)。 與我同行的有許多有明確目標的主內弟兄姊妹,他們都渴望在他們作長老的時期中使神得榮耀,並在個人層面上按6個C 彰顯神的旨意。


我感謝我們所擁有並可分享的恩賜,以及我們作為一個會眾可以這樣相交與實踐。 作為長老,神提醒我們要信實勇敢地盡我們所能。有些事情看起來是做得好的,有些事情是做得不好,但歌羅西書 3:23 提醒了我。 無論做什麼,都要全心全意地去做,是為主而作,而不是為人而作。


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