Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
Photo by Albert Chiu



The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 25th December 2022

Pastor Esther Wang

Wishing you Merry Christmas with joy and peace on Christmas Day today!

In the blink of an eye 2022 has come towards the end.  Although the pandemic has not yet ended completely, our lives have gradually returned to normal.  Despite of the fact that more and more of our relatives and friends have become infected with Covid, praise God that most of them can recover quickly or slowly.  Therefore, during this traditional festive season in celebrating Jesus’s birth, we still have a lot of opportunities to gather with our friends and families.  What can we do while we gather with people?  Maybe catching up and greeting, chatting along with a meal?  After the brief greeting of each other have we thought of finding a few topics that we can have more in-depth sharing?  

We all hope to establish a closer and more sincere relationship with our family and friends.  During the Christmas gatherings, a lot of families would prepare a sumptuous meal and create a comfortable environment to provide our loved ones a good and relaxed time with each other.  To make this well-prepared time more meaningful and valued, we may want to think about how we can prepare for them not only satisfaction in their mouths, but also higher satisfaction and comfort in their spiritual needs?

If we want to make our conversation more meaningful the first thing we need to do is to pray.  We need to pray for the presence of God that He can reveal to us a suitable topic to chat about when we meet with each other.  Secondly, before the gathering we can consider what kind of topic people will be interested in, so that we can invite them to share happily.  As Jesus’s disciples, have we thought of how we can share about our gratitude in God, or what God has done in my life, or even to tell everyone what is the most precious lesson I have learned during the year?

It is a great time that we can gather with families and friends during the festive season enjoying our time chatting and dining together.  Let us pray for God’s mercy and provision of wisdom and grace, that we do not stay in the stage of superficial chatting, but to be able to share more deeply and sincerely with the opportunity we are given.  Pray that we can have more in-depth sharing, to build up our relationship and bonding and to be good witness for our wonderful gracious Lord Jesus.






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