Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
Photo by Albert Chiu



The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 25th September 2022

Pastor Esther Wang

As everybody knows, the vision we have around us is limited when we drive.  Although we can become aware of the vehicles around us via the rear-view mirror, there are still blind spots that we cannot see via the mirror.  Therefore, when we try to change lane, we need to be extra cautious.  We need to form a habit by turning our heads to check if there are cars at our blind spots to avoid accidents.  

In the process of our spiritual growth there are also blind spots, which can be our own weakness, or the areas which need to be improved or changed that we might have neglected.  One of the good ways to avoid these blind spots is to live amongst a group of brothers and sisters in Christ where truthful and close relationships can be established.  They can remind each other, support each other, to discover and conquer the blind spots of self and one another so that they can grow together.  In other words, it is such a precious blessing that there are dear and honest brothers and sisters in Christ who can walk with us together on this heavenly path.  

To establish such Christ centered groups, we need to be working together.  In a week’s time our combined church camp will be here.  Over 3 years of the pandemic it is really not easy for us to gather again in listening to God’s words, examining Bible’s teaching and also enjoying fellowship in full.  After experiencing the isolation caused by pandemic, we should enjoy our fellowship with each other even more.  As when we have lost the connection with brothers and sisters, it is an even more challenging matter to hold on to our faith. We need to encourage and exhort each other, witness, and establish each other so that we can persist on the path of following God to the end.  

The combined church camp has provided an opportunity for brothers and sisters with various language and cultural backgrounds to get together in worshiping God and building fellowship.  Even though the obstacles of language and culture exist, with the saving power of our Christ, who brought together Jews and Gentiles to worship Him, can bring us together.  Our God’s will is to see all people overcome obstacles through Jesus Christ, to love each other and to unite together to worship Him.  Let us look forward to experience God’s faithfulness and power at the combined church camp!





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