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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 26th May 2024

Pastor Steaven Cheung

The Purpose of Troubles  

James 1:2-4

As we celebrate CPC’s 131 year anniversary, I cannot help but reflect on the journey the Lord has taken our church on for over a century. This journey has not been without trials and troubles. Did God ordain this winding pathway for our church? Or was it all up to human folly?  

The more I reflect, the more I am convinced that these troubles were intended by God to reveal His grace and will in us. In the gospel of John, Christ reminds His disciples that ‘in this world there will be trouble’. A disciple’s life is not trouble free at all, in fact a Christian ought to expect trouble to come. But what is the purpose of trouble? Why have grief, pain and sadness? Are the troubles of CPC worth celebrating in the Lord?  

In the letter written by James, he writes to a Church that has been scattered across the Roman Empire. This period of Church history was filled with troubles both macro and personal. What was a believer to make of this season in life? What was God’s purpose for this scattering of the Church?  

James writes pastorally to Christians saying ‘consider it pure joy’ because troubles bring perseverance and perseverance makes a believer ‘mature and complete, not lacking in anything’.  

In Scripture, we find the purpose of the trial is maturity. The stripping away of our immaturity so that Christ may be strong in our weakness. For a disciple of Christ, a trial is not something to simply endure or to avoid but something to take joy in as it brings us closer to Christ in maturity and faith. In the hands of God, trials reveal more of Christ in us as it scrapes away our ego, pride, arrogance and self-reliance. Let us be encouraged by James’ words, whatever season we are in. Let us not be defeated by troubles, but let it rid us of our worldliness and self-centeredness so that Christ may be made more and we may be made less. As we emerge from each season of trial, we are able to praise with more of our hearts, souls and minds.  

For in trial, Moses saw the faithfulness of God; David experienced the grace of God; Nehemiah knew the strength of God; Peter encountered the restoration of God and Lazarus was found by God even in death.  

Let us celebrate our 131st anniversary, for through the years our Lord has revealed Himself to be faithful and He will continue to be faithful, even to CPC.










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