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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 29th August 2021

Pastor Steaven Cheung

Being faithful with the ‘little things’

I was recently reflecting on my time in lockdown with the Lord and have found that while there has been no great crisis or challenge around me, my faith has not been gaining much momentum for growth either. In my quiet time I reflected on the insight that while I may find it easy to hold firm to God during my challenging seasons, a Christian that can only thrive in a crisis is a Christian that only knows half of Christ’s ministry within them.

In the parable of talents (Matthew 25:14-30) we see the servants of the master get tasked not with faithfulness in crisis, but faithfulness in daily stewardship. Two servants excelled and used the season of investment to end up with more than they were given, but one servant could not shake off their ‘crisis’ mentality and subsequently gained nothing. The first two understood that faithfulness occurs in the mundane as well as the crisis, the last one could only act in the face of danger. At the end of the parable, the master reveals that those that are faithful with the ‘little things’ are the ones which will be blessed with more in the seasons to come.

I’ve met many Christians who excelled in faith during times of great hardship, whether it is illness, financial stress or simply seasons where God reveals the depth of dysfunction in their character and personality. The common thing I see in those Christians I admire, is that they didn’t ‘activate their faith’ during the crisis, but they had been faithfully growing their relationship with God in the years prior.

How are you stewarding your life in this season? Is the mundanity of lockdown stagnating your growth? Perhaps it’s time to build our faith on something greater than crisis, to find a way of thriving which transcends circumstance. That is, let’s learn how God helps us flourish in the little things, because the little things are where the great things of God begin.

What ‘little things’ can you steward in your life better? Let’s start there, so we may be prepared for the grandness of God’s ministry later.







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