Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 29th October 2023

Pastor Steaven Cheung

God uses broken people

‘That is what I tried to forestall by fleeing to Tarshish. I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity’. Jonah 4:2

Jonah was one of the most successful prophets in biblical history. God used Jonah to send revival to the city of Nineveh with over 120,000 people, with each person repenting before God. It should have been caused for a great celebration, right? But in chapter 4 we don’t find Jonah in a state of joy, but deep and resentful anger. He curses his own life and declares that he actually wanted Nineveh to be destroyed and he wanted God not to relent.

In scripture, Jonah is regarded as a prophet who found ministry impact despite his poor character, unfaithfulness and anger. He flees from the LORD when he is called to preach, He is angry when God works powerfully in the city. So why is Jonah such an important character to learn from?

The book of Jonah is subversive in the sense that it’s about God’s sovereign will to use dysfunctional people for His powerful purposes. It’s meant to stretch the readers’ imagination of how wide the love of God is and what kind of people God is able to use for His glory.

There are many times when we are like Jonah, when we are angry at the wrong things, we become fixated on our own self-interest over God’s Kingdom. There are moments when we purposely run away from God’s purpose in our lives, when our sin draws us to hate though we should love, break things we should restore. In those times it can become easy to doubt whether God has any grace left for us. In those moments, let us think of God’s sovereign grace at work in Jonah, still guiding him towards his kingdom purpose.

How is your soul this week? Is it tired and broken like Jonah? Let scripture encourage you today, that no one is beyond the grace of God and no one too broken for Him to use powerfully. We only need - like Jonah - turn back towards God’s holy presence again.







這週你的心靈怎麼樣?是否像約拿一樣疲憊和破碎不堪?今天就讓聖經鼓勵你吧,沒有人會超乎神恩典的深遠,也沒有人因太破碎而無法被神大能地使用。我們只需要 - 像約拿一樣 - 再次轉向神聖潔的臨在。

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