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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 2nd October 2022

Dorothy Choi

After three long years, we are finally able to have our combined church camp! It is a great blessing for members from different congregations to meet and chat with each other, to learn from and to encourage one another and to worship and pray in one accord. Indeed, we are living out the community life which the book of Acts talked about.

As a faith community, an important area which we focus on is reaching and connecting with students and children. This is reflected in the Session’s decision to create two pastoral positions for shepherding youth, one is for the English youth ministry and another for the Cantonese student ministry.

As a CPC member, we can also make a contribution in the same area in terms of our attention, time or prayer. We can invite young people over for a BBQ, being a caring “uncle” or “auntie” especially for overseas students; we can also pray for them or become a youth leader / mentor or a Sunday school teacher.

It was at a funeral of a sister in Christ early this year when I was reminded of the importance of sowing the seed of the gospel in one’s youth. She went to our Sunday school many years ago. But in her teenage years, she struggled with mental illness and had not attended church for a long time.

When she was very frail, she made contact with us and a few Christian friends whom she grew up with.  Her faith was strengthened before she rested in the Lord. The seed which Sunday School teachers and others had sown many years ago was not in vain.

Let’s pray that CPC is following God’s heart, to thrive as a community of believers and to sow seeds of hope and love in young people.







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