Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
Photo by Albert Chiu



The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 30th October 2022

Pastor Esther Wang

What brings you joy? Reunion with friends you have not seen for a long time? Enjoying nature’s beauty? Getting a bargain for something on your wish list? I believe there are many similar little opportunities that bring joy to our lives. However, as disciples of the Lord, have we experienced another kind of joy that brings us deeper satisfaction? To put discipleship into practice, our new slogan is “To live out Christ daily and enjoy His Kingship.”  One of the key elements in the discipline of discipleship is to enjoy God’s Kingship.

How is discipleship related to enjoying God’s kingship? I think enjoying God’s kingship is linked to our acknowledgment of Christ as our Lord and king. Acknowledging Christ as our king and obeying His commands builds a key foundation for our relationship with Him. Obeying God in every aspect of our lives is a key discipline in being a disciple. How can we find joy in the discipline of obeying God? Firstly, joy comes from trust. If we have complete trust in who we obey, then obedience is easy. Just like the relationship between a child and  his/her parents, the  child will derive joy and satisfaction  from the parents’ approval and praise. If children are regularly praised for obeying their parents,  they  will become naturally willing and happy to obey their parents. It  will become a natural interaction. If a child is rebellious, then there are probably underlying reasons. A rebellious child needs to be disciplined and  corrected in love.

Our relationship with God is similar. God demands our full obedience. Not only does it please God, it also brings us a lot of satisfaction. If we can willingly trust God more and not ourselves, we can avoid a lot of pain and suffering.

Our King, our Lord Jesus Christ, has already paid a very high price for our sake. He is calling us to follow Him, promising a future of a glorious salvation. Sometimes, under particular circumstances, obeying God  may be beyond our logic and understanding. That is the real discipline that we need in our spiritual growth, to believe in God’s love and power, and to obey God even when we cannot completely comprehend it. That kind of obedience will bring us joy and satisfaction deep in our spirit. Let us together strive  towards  “enjoying God’s Kingship.”

什麼樣的時刻,你會感受到快樂?是和久未見面的朋友重聚?享受大自然中的美景?或者以打折的價錢買到心儀已久的物品?在我們的生活中,我相信有點點滴滴這樣的機會,讓我們感到歡喜快樂。然而,作為主的門徒,還有一種喜樂,是更深的滿足,我們體會過嗎?為了實踐門徒訓練,我們的新口號是:“每天活出基督,以王為樂。”(To live out Christ daily and enjoy His kingship)在作主門徒的操練中,有一項重要的內容,是“以王為樂”。




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