Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
Photo by Albert Chiu



The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 5th June 2022

Pastor Esther Wang

Turn your eyes upon Jesus

In our last service, during our anniversary celebration, pastors and elders were singing “Turn your eyes upon Jesus”. Although it has been more than a century since the creation of this hymn, nevertheless, did you feel touched when you sang it?

After more than 2 years of the pandemic, those of us who live in Australia can already return to our normal daily lives. However, the impact of this pandemic is ongoing. Keeping a social distance, the infected must follow compulsory quarantine, interrupting our lives consistently. A planned meet-up will need to be canceled abruptly, and a plan B will need to be prepared to substitute the activity which was initially planned, to cater to the changes as more people get infected. Uncertainties bring a lot of inconveniences. We all like to follow our plan, but what should we do when there are unexpected situations?

Technology is getting more and more advanced. Different kinds of resources are more readily available, and we have a lot of different ways to search for help. However, the trouble in people’s daily lives do not seem to have decreased. We seem to always fixate on these problems and hope a suitable solution can resolve each issue so that our lives are smooth going, our jobs are all well. However, problems continue to emerge, whether it occurs in our personal life, family, or career. If we look around, we will notice that problems and challenges always exist. When we encounter these difficulties, what will you do?

Would you be willing to turn your eyes upon Jesus? To sing this hymn might not be the hardest in Sunday’s gathering. Nevertheless, turning our eyes upon Jesus during our daily lives may not be the easiest, because there are many other things, and other methods to take away our attention. So, we need to train ourselves to always look up to him. When we are sick, when our relationships are going through a rough patch, when we feel depressed and not sure what to do. Let us pray to Jesus, search for his guidance and his great accomplishment. When we consistently train ourselves to look up and rely on him, then he will gradually become our God. Problems need to be solved, but our goal is not to focus on solving the issue all by ourselves, but to focus on looking up to Jesus. This is the only way, which must be passed by all disciples.



經歷了2年多的疫情以後,居住在澳洲的我們,已經可以恢復日常生活。但是,疫情的影響並未完全消退。保持社交距離,感染者必須隔離,時時影響我們的生活。也許是原來訂好的會面,不得不臨時取消;安排的活動,需要預備plan B,以防若有人感染而造成過多變動。不確定性引起很多的不便。我們喜歡一切按照計劃進行,當總是有意外情況發生的時候,我們要怎麼辦?



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