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The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 5th March 2023

Pastor Steaven Cheung

To Grow As A Disciple

‘And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.’ – Luke 2:52

There is an often-forgotten truth of Christ, one which is worth taking some time to reflect on regularly and intentionally. In Christ’s life of 30 years, which culminated in His three years of eternally impactful ministry, He took the time to grow. The incarnate of God took the time to learn, to mature and to be built up for His purpose. Jesus took time to prepare.  

Perhaps there is something to reflect on in this verse. As CPC grows and renews, there will be new needs and opportunities as well as challenges and risks. Whether we are able to step up in obedience to this new season will be determined not by how many people we can sign up to ministry, but the quality of the disciple we grow as a community. No matter how many years of experience we have, we ought to mimic Christ and be willing to mature and grow, to be ready for the things of God to come. Let us be encouraged to personally grow in:  

1. Equipping

Are you equipped to serve God in your circle of life? Do you need training? Theological education or even just setting your life rhythms to have space to learn new skills to serve God and others? Or even pick up a new book and learn again. Growing in our equipping is an important discipleship rhythm.  

2. Wisdom  

Wisdom is about how we integrate theology and values into life. Just knowledge and belief is powerless without the work put into a disciple’s life to integrate it into action and attitude. To know God wants us to be gracious and patient is different from doing the work to LIVE graciously and patiently. Perhaps you would want to find someone you trust to help you grow in the area of wisdom.  

3. Character

‘Don’t let your ministry grow beyond your character’ was a common saying I heard from my mentors and lecturers in my first steps of ministry and I’ve seen this warning affirmed time and time again in ministry or secular life. Maturing in character gives a disciple stability and consistency. What is something in your character you’d want to work on with the Holy Spirit’s guidance? Perhaps share that with a friend you trust and go on that journey together.  

Growing as a disciple is necessary, not just for ministry, but as obedience and as a way of following in the footsteps of Christ. Brothers and Sisters, let us be committed to continuing to grow and be sanctified.





1. 裝備

你是否裝備好在你的生活圈子中事奉上帝? 你需要培訓嗎? 接受神學教育抑或甚至只是在你的生活節奏中騰出空間去學習新技能以服侍上帝和他人? 或者甚至只拿起一本新書重新學習。在我們的裝備上成長是一個重要的門徒訓練的節奏模階。

2. 智慧


3. 品格

“不要讓你的事工超出你的品格所能承擔的”是一句常聽見的話,也是我參與事工起步時從我的導師和講師們那裡常聽到的一句話。我在事工上和社會生活中一次又一次地看到這忠告的真實。在品格上成熟能給予門徒生命的穩健性和一致性。你的品格有那些方面是你想在聖靈的引導下培育的? 也許與你所信任的朋友分享,並一起在這培育旅程中同行。


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