Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
Photo by Albert Chiu



The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 7th March 2021

牧聲 二零二一年三月七日
Esther Wang

The dichotomy of direct versus indirect is evident all around us. The blessings from God can sometimes be interpreted in a similar manner. Direct blessings in the form of our work and wealth, a happy family, our academic accomplishments, a fruitful ministry can all be easily viewed as blessings from the Lord which we joyously give thanks for. Indirect blessings, however, are often hard to comprehend at the first instance. On the surface, they seem to be uneventful or downright perilous, yet God’s grace is hidden right behind those difficult moments. This includes God’s guidance in times of crisis, and His mercy in the midst of setbacks. In fact, at times, these indirect blessings bring greater blessings than direct blessings, as they urge us to seek God more fervently and to put our faith into action. Faith is not built on rosy and perfect situations. Faith is intricately related to our knowledge of God, and must be built upon the word of God and His doings.  

Due to the pandemic, the number of international students residing in Australia has dropped dramatically.  In February this year, the University of New South Wales ushered in a new term with the commencement of the Orientation week. Our campus student co-workers were faced with a dilemma: With so few international students entering the Australian border under the border restriction rules, should we still set up booths on campus to promote our Enrich Mandarin Bible Study?

Nevertheless, God revealed to us that it was our duty to run the stall, and it was His work whether there would be any new students visiting the stall. Thank God that we were able to meet new international students during the three days of Orientation Week, and we welcomed new students as they participated in the orientation activities organised for Friday. More importantly, we witnessed spiritual growth in our student co-workers. Despite different challenges, our student co-workers became all the more eager to spread the gospel on campus, knowing that we ought to rely on God for His provision. Furthermore, those students who returned to their home countries have begun settling in local churches and continuing to grow in their Christian faith, bringing comfort and encouragement to us. The kingdom of God will continue to flourish, and our ministry is but a small part of it.  

Perhaps only in the wake of challenges do we come to realise that our faith is miniscule, possibly even smaller than a mustard seed.  Yet God is merciful, and He can use the little faith we have to do mighty things.  In the process, our faith and knowledge of God will in turn be strengthened, and this is God’s blessing in a deeper realm. Are you facing any situations which sway your trust in the Lord? Bring your worries to the Lord today and see whether God has deeper blessings and newer perspectives in stored for you.