Corner of Crown & Albion Streets, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
Photo by Albert Chiu



The stained glass windows of CPC's auditorium.

Pastoral Letter 31st March 2024

Pastor Arthur Leung

This Friday and Sunday are Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We thank God for the public holidays. Not only do we get to rest from work, but we also have the time and space to remember Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Over two thousand years ago, God had sent His only begotten Son into the world. Not only does God want man to know God, but also to see God, because He knew that man is weak, and needs to see to believe. Unfortunately, even in Jesus’ generation, some people saw Jesus with their own eyes, but still did not recognise Him as God. Thus man might still not believe after seeing.

Christianity emphasises having “Faith”. Faith is the centre of the whole religion. When we reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection, the modern man’s approach is still to find evidence to prove God’s existence, God’s love and Christ’s sacrifice. But God uses “Faith” for our salvation and justification.

God’s way allows us to break free from the confines of the material world. Faith in God transcends the material world, knowledge, time and space. Only faith can do this.

As we reflect on Good Friday and Easter, we might commemorate God in different ways. But maybe we can also use “Faith” to continue to trust in Him. By faith, believe that He has died for our sins. By faith, believe in His resurrection. By faith, let God guide our growth.

In our service at church, we are serving our Lord who has died and risen for us. Maybe we can continue to serve God through faith. Trust in His promises, trust in His death, trust in the power of His resurrection. Let God, by our faith, lead us in our daily lives, in our family, work and ministry. By faith live every day, by faith experience the highs and lows of life, and experience the peace and security of being with our Lord. Our lives can be more closely tied with God. Thank God for reminding us through Good Friday and Easter.






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